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ICSA - Institut Carnot Santé Animale

ICSA Carnot institute: the scientific excellence research network to promote innovation in your company

Develop the economic weight of animal health in France, for a competitive and sustainable farming, requires the construction of a competitive lead through innovation.

In this context, 14 research units from French National Institute of Research in Agronomy (INRA) and its public partner:  Agrocampus Ouest, CIRAD (French research centre working with developing countries to tackle international agricultural and development issues), the national veterinary schools of Toulouse (ENVT) and Nantes (ONIRIS) and the François Rabelais University from Tours are grouped to form the Institut Carnot animal health, ICSA.

The aim of the Carnot institute ICSA is to make easier and promote partnership research and to give access for industrials to the scientific excellence of those public research laboratories.
Through the Carnot institute ICSA, you have the opportunity to conduct research focused on one theme or on a global approach  thanks to the 700 researchers specialized in infectiology, nutrition, genetics and welfare in livestock.
Members of the ICSA units offer access to technology ("omics", bioinformatics, Imaging) and animals platforms (confined or not) that can host up to cows in lactation in A3. Target and models species are cattle, sheep and goats, pigs, poultry and rabbits, and fish.
The scientific excellence of the network allows you to get research answers your questions focused on one of these themes or global
We offer our state-of-the-art expertise to conduct research programs with you on the field of livestock health that lead to innovation in your company.