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The research network ICSA

"Carnot institute" is a label given by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research to grouping of public laboratories and/or technical institutes for a period of 5 renewable years.
This label certifies the scientific excellence of the ICSA laboratories and their competences related to the management of research agreements and partnerships.
There are currently 34 Carnot institutes related to great economical and societal challenges and linked with 6 fields of competence:


The Carnot institut ICSA


ICSA is the Carnot Institute oriented livestock health of more than 500 researchers in 16 public research units specialized in infectiology disease, toxicology, nutrition, genetics and animal welfare.

The ICSA has built to be able to help companies meet the 3 major issues of animal health: 

  • Economic and social issues : related to the provision of high quality protein to humans, livestock and viability of the animal production sectors
  • Public health issue: Animal health has an impact on human health, through the quality of food that can be vectors of pathogens and drug residues, development of resistance to antimicrobial agents, and diseases transmissible to humans.
  • Environmental issues: animal welfare as well as ethics and social acceptability of the farming practices.
Our goal : support research to industrial innovtion

Put at your disposal a unique set of skills to carry out all programs of research leading to innovation in your business and Accompany you in your projects aimed at:  

  • prevent / control infectious and parasitic, diseases
  • control of production diseases, adapt rearing systems
  • raise genetic resources for health.