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Success stories


The JRU HERBIVORE, part of the ICSA, has expertise on nutrition and metabolism of nutrients and society Phytosynthèse specialized in the preparation and the use of antioxidant of vegetable origin in animal feed, conducted a research program aims to develop a natural antioxidant additive of plant origin animal nutrition. This project resulted in the filing of a patent co-ownership between INRA and Phytosynthese and is now operated by Phytosynthese

succes02 To strengthen the implementation of the partnership, the biotech company NewVectys preparing the installation of a team of R & D in animal biotechnology within the Centre INRA of Tours. At the same time, this partnership provides the Organization of seminars and symposia intended for national and international teams the objective being to promote translational research, from basic research to the development of human and veterinary therapeutic solutions

succes03 The unit of Infectious Pathology and lmmunologie (part today ISP infectious disease and Public Health Unit), has conducted research on the causative agent of Q fever and a continued including the works on the development of diagnostic tools. It is in this context that the unit with important expertise on the agent of Q fever and the LSI Corporation have developed a long term collaboration to develop a diagnostic test of type ELISA to detect herds infected or having been infected. Therefore, a license was granted to LSI and improvement of this diagnostic kit projects are underway. The Laboratory Service International (LSI), develops and markets a range of diagnostic veterinary products.